UPDATED 12-30-2019

ecoartspace is a nonprofit platform providing opportunities for artists who address the human/nature relationship in the visual arts. Since 1999 they have collaborated with over 150 organizations to produce more than 40 exhibitions, 100 programs, working with 500 + artists in 15 states nationally and 8 countries internationally. Currently they are developing a media archive of video interviews with artists and a series of ACTION Guides of replicable social practice public art projects for educators. Patricia Watts is founder and westcoast/midwest curator. Amy Lipton is east coast curator and director of the ecoartspace NYC.

Patricia Watts has researched art and nature practitioners since 1990. She has participated as panelist at numerous conferences and has given lectures at art departments internationally. Watts recently curated Richard Bowman: Radiant Abstractions at The Landing gallery in LA (2019). Other important exhibitions include Enchantment at Peter Strauss Ranch (2016) in Agoura Hills, CA; FiberSHED (2015) and Transmissions (2013) at the Marin Community Foundation in Novato, CA; and Shifting Baselines at Santa Fe Art Institute (2013). From 2015-16 she projected managed a public artwork in Springfield, Missouri titled Cloud House, created by Matthew Mazzotta for Farmers Park. Watts was Chief Curator at the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa, CA (2005-2008). She received her MA in Exhibition Design/Museum Studies from California State University, Fullerton, and has a BA in Business Administration from Stephens College, Missouri.

Contact: tricia@ecoartspace.org  PO Box 5211, Santa Fe, NM USA 87502 310.704.2395

Amy Lipton is curator and east coast director of ecoartspace. She has collaborated with hundreds of artists and partnered with arts and environmental organizations to produce exhibitions, public artworks, programs and events. Lipton has organized numerous exhibitions for museums, galleries, sculpture parks, universities, environmental centers and in the public realm. She writes essays for books, newspapers and art publications; organizes panel discussions, and lectures on art and its relationship to the natural environment. Lipton’s most recent exhibition was Jackie Brookner: Of Nature, a retrospective at Wave Hill, Bronx, NY (2016). She was the owner/director of Amy Lipton Gallery in New York City from 1986 – 1996. Lipton has a BFA from California Institute of the Arts.

Contact: amy@ecoartspace.org  Peekskill, New York USA  917.743.8275