Climate Change: A Panel Discussion

Last night I was a panelist at the Noyes Museum with this distinguished group, Michael Lemonick, journalist for TIME magazine; Andrew Revkin, The New York Times environment writer and blogger; Aaron T. O'Connor, founding director of The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency program; Dr. Jeff Niemitz, Professor of Earth Sciences at Dickinson College. Moderated by artist Diane Burko whose work focuses on issues of climate change. The panel weighed heavily on the science side of the discussion and I learned a tremendous amount about everything climate change related including the very slow changes of deep geologic time and the intense speeding up of these changes since the relatively recent (200 yr old) industrial age. Wise words in the conclusion by Andrew Revkin were that we all must do everything we can to effect changes in behavior and policy - but that we can't fix this problem quickly or all at once. He pointed out that we need way more young people engaged in science and funding for science education and research is very slim. The good news - we had a full house and audience of many students asking great questions. -- Amy Lipton