Solar One at Habitat for Artists exhibition

On Sunday January 23rd Solar One presented material on their projects and green education series at Van Brunt Gallery in Beacon as part of the current exhibition, Simon Draper and Habitat for Artists Goes Indoors. Amy Lipton introduced the event by explaining ecoartspace's history of collaborative relationships with environmental organizations. Ecoartspace has been working towards building a bridge between the art and environmental worlds for the past 10 years. Solar One co-promoted the recent Harrison's talk at Feldman Gallery in NYC (see blog posting below) and will be working with Simon Draper and Habitat for Artists during their 2009 City Sol Summer Expo. Solar One Educator Christopher Kennedy spoke about their programs with over 10,000 students at 42 schools, camps and after school programs in NYC. He passed around a book he designed, titled The Green Innovator, Design for Sustainability, a resource guide for students with strategies for thinking critically about innovative solutions to environmental challenges. The book introduces students to the concept of systems thinking: considering the relationships and connections between what we design and use everyday and the impact this has on the earth. Outreach Coordinator Christopher Neidl then gave an engaging and informative talk including a power point presentation on the history of energy use in New York leading to the development of solar panels for private, public and corporate use. His talk provided an evaluation of solar panels for environmental benefit, economic use as well as for long term sustainability. It became evident during his talk that solar photo-voltaic use, will become the number one alternative energy source for cities and home owners as we begin to move away from a fossil fuel economy. He also pointed out the connection between our transportation system and the existing energy grid as cars become electrically run and will need to "power up" via the grid - making the need for a solar based grid and industry all the more necessary in the not too distant future. Formed in 2004, Solar One is the city's first solar powered Green Energy, Arts and Education Center, their mission is to inspire New Yorkers to become environmentally responsible city dwellers. They are located in Stuyvesant Cove Park on the East River and 23rd Street situated above a former brownfield site. In 2009 they will break ground on Solar 2, an 8000 square foot 100% green powered education and arts center designed by the architecture firm Kiss & Cathcart. Stay tuned for another Solar One/ecoartspace event to take place in NYC soon.